Why a Cup a Day of Hot Water Keeps the Doctor Away


Health fads come and go, usually at the cost of a dip in your bank account. One health practice that may be more than a fad as a result of its staying power is that of drinking hot water. This simple act can provide the physical health benefits that some medications strive for, without their side effects. Here are just a few gifts you can get from a cup of hot water, consumed at a safe temperature.

Protect Your Source First

While you don’t want your water to come out of the pipes scalding hot, you need to ensure that your home’s water heater is maintained and set to an optimal temperature. It must function to keep water at 120 degrees in order to kill harmful pathogens. If you have not maintained your hot water heater in years or it leaks and shows other signs of imminent failure, water heater installation West Columbia SC can provide support or heater replacement.

Clears Sinuses

During the winter when viruses hit or spring allergies threaten, your sinus passages can become stuffed up. The steam you breathe in while drinking can help relieve congestion, and the hot water itself will soothe a sore throat caused by draining mucous.

Helps Digestion

You need to drink plenty of water so that your large intestine can function properly. Otherwise, you can become constipated. Hot water seems to break down food more readily, thus further aiding your digestive process.

Improves Circulation

Hot water acts as a vasodilator; it opens your blood vessels, a physiological effect that benefits your circulation. Mild coffee or caffeinated tea may enhance this action.

The best health maintenance steps you can take are those that you can practice daily and that have benefits that outweigh any negative consequences. Since drinking two or three cups of pleasantly hot water per day falls into this category, put this activity on your calendar for every day of the week.