Signs You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

You rely on your air conditioner to keep yourself cool and comfortable throughout the summer months. When things aren’t working properly or efficiently, you probably want to get it fixed right away.

However, there could be signs of a problem that are more subtle. Getting to know the signs of an issue is essential if you want to keep your unit working well. Keep reading for some of the top signs you need a new AC Staten Island.

Strange Sounds

One of the first signs of a problem with your air conditioner is if strange sounds come out of it when the unit comes on. You may hear rattling, banging, squealing, and other strange sounds. These are all causes for concern. Now is the time to call the professionals who can tell you what the problem is and how to fix it or time for an all-new unit.

Strange Smells

Another sign that it is time to replace your AC or have it repaired is to notice strange smells when the unit kicks on. If there is a musty odor, it may be due to mold growth somewhere in the ducts or system. However, if there is an electrical smell, it could indicate faulty wiring or another issue. These are serious issues that need to be addressed before they get worse and cause even more issues or damage.

When it comes to your air conditioner, you should not ignore subtle signs of a problem. As time passes, these will get worse and cost more to fix. By calling the professionals for help as soon as an issue is seen, you can prevent more problems and feel confident that your air conditioner will be ready to perform throughout the summer months. Keep this in mind and call the pros as soon as an issue is seen with your unit.