Top 7 Best Shade Sails

It would not be an exaggeration to say that shade sails are not an only great way to provide oneself with a roof against the high temperatures of the summer sun, but also prove to be a respite from the traditional architecture. There is something very exotic about sitting under a shade sail that is ennobling for both body and mind.  For those with a romantic propensity, the feeling is not dissimilar from the one being moored on an island. That being said, shade sails are also great in terms of settling and dismantling and they are, above all, budget-friendly. Owing to the manual and easygoing nature of their structure, they are a great stand-in for roofs in case of emergencies and temporary settlements. Of course, there are shade sails out there that are permanently fixed, and then there are others, which are movable and can be carried around from place to place. In looking up shade sails online, one finds several varieties, with each one serving a unique purpose of its own.

Here are the top 7 best shade sails that you should be aware of:

Umbrella shade

                Perhaps the most exotic of all shade sails, the umbrella shades can often be spotted in tropical countries. As the name implies, the shape is that of an umbrella with a plank (often made of metal) being the only source of support. Whether it is residential areas such as your home, flat, or a bungalow or commercial ones that encompass restaurants, hotels, resorts or tourist spots, umbrella shades are widely in use. They are often considered an emblem of a luxurious lifestyle. This should not imply that they are not essential. They are and quite in many ways. The reclining seats beside your pool would be of little use, were it not for the umbrella shades flowering over them.

Similarly, many tourist spots that are located at some high elevation cannot exactly afford a traditional roof, which needs to have walls to support it. In which case, umbrella shades are ideals, as they can be easily arranged and serve their sole purpose of blocking off the sun. Owing to their manifold functions, they come in all sizes.

Cantilever umbrella shade

These shade sails branch out from the umbrella shade sails, albeit with their unique style. A cantilever umbrella mimics a lamp-like shape, and its support is the titular cantilever. It can be a great asset for your outside dining area, reading spot, or small shelter in the garden. Compared to its traditional umbrella counterpart, the design of the cantilever umbrella poses a more modern structure and can be a great addition to your urban lifestyle. Given their modest size, you can get yourself one fixed even in your patio.

Portable Shade

                Portable shade sails are your portable roof. An arrangement of shelter from the sun is not always possible when you are on the go. Given the lightweight material of its parts which can be manually constructed and deconstructed, portable shade sails are ideal for outings. So whether it is a family picnic, an outdoor occasion of high-school reunion, or a school tour, their easygoing and portable functionality is really easy to adapt to. You can even use portable shade sail as a roof for your outdoor make-do kitchen.

 Canvas Shade

                Canvas Shae Sails are more expansive and therefore, can protect you from the sun at the expense of greater coverage. They provide maximum sun protection. Because of being able to provide more extensive coverage from an open sky, they are often used in functions, outdoor gatherings, wedding ceremonies, and parties to protect the crowd from the sun. Just as umbrella shades can be posted next to each other to make up for a surrogate roof, canvas shades can also be similarly employed. Multiple canvas shade sails can be posted in the large courtyard or open grounds to make up for the roof.  In many cities, the playgrounds for sports are often bereft of the roofs, in which case canvas shade sails are used to accommodate the crowds. As it can be inferred from the mentioned uses, these shade sails are not necessarily installed permanently.

Variety/Custom Made Shade

                The variety shade sails are modifiable and tend to be available in your desired design. This open-ended quality gives them an edge over other shade sails in that you have the liberty to choose the type, color, shape, and overall design. Because of their customizable nature, you are provided with a lot of room for the aesthetics that you can match with the settings. Be it your house, or office. Grant, these shade sails are made on-demand, they are likely to be more expensive than its other ready-made counterpart.

Conic Shade

                As the name suggests, these shade sails have a conic shape at the top, acting as a shelter from the sun. They are also called as pavilion shaped shades. Like an umbrella shade, there is a single beam of support crossing from its top-center to the ground. Although both conic shades and umbrella shades have lots of similarities, conic shade sails have a more modernized design. They provide coverage of vast areas with minimal positioning of columns. These shades are often installed in luxurious resorts, private beaches, companies, and hotels. Whereas its umbrella counterpart strikes great harmony with laid-back aesthetics of tropical countries, conic shade sails are becoming increasingly popular with suburbanite landscape.

Water-resistant Shade

                Made out of texteline material, these sails provide great resistance from water, mold and mildew. Thanks to that, its material is more durable, as it preserves itself from stains, and any wear made possible by the conditions mentioned above. On top of that, the estimated lifespan of texteline material, sometimes, have been referred to be almost a decade. Water-resistant shade sails are thus ideal not only in the rainy season but also for any outdoor weather, regardless of the severity imposed on them. Water-Resistant shade sails have to be posted with at least a 20-degree slope in order to keep water from pooling on its top. Being very fabric oriented shade sails, these come in all shapes and sizes, from custom sized polygons to the universally specified shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles.


These are the seven best shade sails around that can make your life more comfortable and exotic. As they also greatly minimize UV exposure of the sun, shade sails should not be underestimated on their health benefits. Shade sails often tend to be affordable and easy to set up.  As we step into the modern world of complex architecture, it is all the more appropriate time to appreciate the simplicity behind the timeless engineering of a shade sail, which bears us manifold advantages.