How and Why You Should Stretch Your Carpet

Stretching carpet is one of those household tasks that you’ve probably heard of but don’t know much about and you might need desperately to improve the appearance of your home’s interior. If you have carpeting installed in any of your rooms there is a very good chance it could come loose from its anchor strips and start to buckle or wrinkle.

You may be wondering how it got like that? You might also be wondering how you can fix the issue without spending a lot or ruining your carpet. You’re in luck because your favorite omaha carpet cleaning company has all of the answers you seek.

Stretching Your Carpet

The first thing to know about stretching carpet is that it’s not a job you really can or want to do yourself. That’s because you lack the professional, heavy-duty equipment needed to perform the work correctly. So, don’t expect to tackle this matter all by yourself, you may try and you will likely fall short of your expectations.

You will need to call in a professional carpet installer to come into your home, diagnose the problem, and then set about laying the carpet down properly by stretching and re-attaching the material to your tack or anchor strips in the sub-flooring.

Why You Should Get It Stretched

You’re walking through your living room or bedroom and suddenly trip over something. You look down and find nothing in your path except your lovely plush carpet. However, you do notice something that wasn’t there the last time you checked – the carpet is loose and wrinkled. How did it get like this?

There are any number of things that could make your carpet start to come loose and buckle up. It could have happened when you tried to shift a heavy piece of furniture without lifting it over the carpet. Perhaps the padding laid under the carpet was cheap and it’s starting to affect the installation of the carpet. The tacks or anchor strips may have become damaged somehow. It might just be excessive humidity and the moisture in the air.

Any of these things could be the reason why your carpet needs to be stretched.

Now that you know why the carpet can buckle, here’s why you should get it stretched. It’s simply unsafe to walk around the home with a rippled and loose carpet. Somebody could trip over the loose material and sustain an injury from a bad fall. If that person gets badly hurt, they could sue you for damages related to their injuries.

The carpet could also get damaged from being allowed to lie on the floor lumpy and buckled. The carpet is supposed to lie flat on your floor otherwise you are compromising the look of the home, the condition of the carpet, and the safety of you and your family. You need to have your carpet stretched but don’t attempt the work yourself, you will only make matters worse even if it seems that you have the problem solved.