How To Make Your Home Undeniably French

For people that have been lucky enough to travel to France, something about the decor sticks with them. Depending on the region, you can find styles that are classy, country farmhouse and regal. If you own a home and you’d like to incorporate some of this style into your rooms, you’ve got plenty of choices. Here are four fantastic ideas that will have your digs looking undeniably French.

Select the Right Furniture

Adding French furniture to your home will give it exactly the look you’re trying to achieve. From real French country dining tables to distressed wood dinette cabinets and dressers, these pieces will give your home the feel of a French chateau. From shabby chic to elegant appointments with gold accents, French furniture will be the centerpiece of your home and last for generations.

Hang a Gilded Mirror

For pure French elegance, consider hanging a gold gilded mirror. Gilded mirrors feature elegantly carved and ornate frames covered in gold and are found throughout France. They come in all sizes, shapes and prices. When deciding where to hang one of these beautiful mirrors, the most fitting places are on fireplace mantles and close to your front door.

Add French Artwork

Nothing gives your home that “oh la la” factor quite like French artwork. For a Provincial feel, hang a Vincent van Gogh replica print or a picture of lavender fields. Another popular option are the vintage advertising posters that are seen all over France. You can also find Parisian artwork such as an Eiffel Tower painting that will show the world exactly where your heart is.

Plant Lavender

A fun way to make your home feel oh so French, is to plant lavender and rosemary. Both of these plants love the heat, so put them in your garden or a galvanized metal planter and let them grow. The scent of lavender will have you dreaming of long, lazy summer days in Provence. Planting rosemary will save you money on this expensive herb and pairs well with olive oil and a French baguette.

Transform Your Home

French interior design is so versatile that you can find countless options that are special to you. If your best memories come from a long ago trip to France, you can replicate those memories every day by bringing special French pieces into your home. From high-quality furniture to artwork and lavender, you’ll transform your home into one that’s truly French.