Landscaping Strategies That Will Save You Money

A great landscape can improve your curb appeal and give you great outdoor space to enjoy, but a well-planned and executed landscape will also save you money. If you are looking for ways to reduce your landscaping costs, consider these strategies.

Choose Native Plants

Native plants are acclimated to your environment and soil conditions. You can identify the plants native to your area by working with a local landscaper or nursery or through online research, e.g., “landscaping Colorado Springs.” These plant options typically require little watering and fertilizer, and they are resistant to local pests and diseases.

Plant for Energy Efficiency

Consider your plant placement. For example, deciduous trees can be used to block the hot sun in the summer, reducing your cooling bills, and allow sun to flow through during the winter, reducing your heating bills. In addition, low-water turfgrass and other plants can be selected. Choose an irrigation system that effectively waters your plants without overwatering, and group your plants so that your irrigation is much more efficient.

Use Plants, Not Plastic

You may think you need plastic or metal edging to clean up your borders, but you can actually use plants around your beds to create natural edging. Natural borders are often more attractive and are easier to work with. They require less maintenance, and they allow you to easily change your landscape in the future.

Purchase Your Supplies Properly

When you start your landscape, you will typically need soil, gravel and other supplies. You can get these supplies in bulk or in bags. Therefore, if you have to amend a lot of soil with mulch or manure, consider purchasing this in bulk. If you only need a small amount of a specific supply, such as one to three bags of gravel to add to a path, you can purchase bags. Pay attention to where your supplies will be dumped and spread. Also, some bulk purchases can be delivered, but have the company dump it on a tarp to make it easier to manage.

Upgrading or installing landscaping doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just follow a few simple tips to get great, low-cost outdoor space.