2 Things That Can Impact Commercial Plumbing Systems

Commercial plumbing systems can be straightforward or complex, but the latter takes the cake most of the time. Drains, vents, water lines, fixtures, and more make up the networks. For the most part, these items usually function correctly. However, all it takes is for something to malfunction, break, or fail for a business to be thrown into turmoil.

When your building’s plumbing system begins acting up, you’ll need to act fast to right the ship, or it could be a very long day. For example, customers and employees might not be able to use the restroom or wash their hands. Then again, drains could backup and let sewage cover the building’s floor. So many things can and do go wrong with plumbing systems. That’s why it should come as no surprise if yours goes on the fritz and requires commercial plumbing services Claremore OK.

  1. An Unpleasant Scenario

Imagine that employees are in the kitchen at your restaurant cooking. Then, the floor drains begin to clog suddenly, and nasty water spreads across the room. What causes these types of stoppages? Some common items that get inside floor drains/sinks and cause them to get blocked in commercial settings include the following:

  • Oil And Grease
  • Foods
  • Steel Wool, Towels, And Other Debris

Don’t fret when the unthinkable happens. Instead, contact a plumber, and they’ll get your drains flowing again in the blink of an eye. Leaving them as-is isn’t an option because that could lead to slip, trip, and fall accidents or contamination issues.

  1. A Busted or Clogged Sink

People can be rough on commercial plumbing systems. Sometimes, vandals break things on purpose, but on other occasions, incidents arise by accident. Regardless of why the sink in your building’s restroom got busted, it is of the utmost importance to get it fixed right away. Failing to do so could cause someone to get seriously injured. In the same token, if the unit is leaking or clogged, it might leave your business flooded, and no boss needs that on their plate.