How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Toronto?


Hourly average costs of plumbing services in Toronto differ from one job to another. Many Plumbers in the GTA region, including experts from the Cheap Plumber services in Toronto region, charge approximately $200 or less per hour for simple tasks. But the amount can go higher to about $300-$480 for more complex plumbing projects.

Cheap Plumber Average Costs: Essential Plumbing Services

Ideally, your home plumbing network comprises a drainage system, water supply structure, fixtures, and equipment. Depending on the job’s complexity, a cheap plumber near you will charge above $45 hourly or at least $100 per service for installation or repairing any of these parts.

Here are six essential plumbing services and the average labor cost. However, at Cheap Plumber Toronto, these amounts can change when plumbers work after hours, on weekends, or during holidays.

1. Drain Services Average Costs      

Hair, toiletries, and grease buildup can block the pipe that conveys sewer water and other liquid waste from your house to a safe disposal place. In Toronto, cheap plumbers charge between $200 to $300 for the first 1.5 hours to unblock your drain. You can avoid blocked drainage issues by scheduling regular drain maintenance from our Cheap Plumber Toronto.

Unblocking Your Drainage Through Toilet Flange With Toilet Reinstallation

The regular Toronto plumber’s price for this service in residential homes is about $550 per brush. The Cheap Plumber experts charge as low as $445 for houses and $495 for multi-tenant apartments.

Unclogging Main Drains via Accessible Cleanouts

Removing a blockage from your main drain can seem complicated for many homeowners. However, a professional Toronto plumber can unblock your drainage pipe in less than two hours. The average cost for this task in Toronto is about $90 – $120.

2. Laundry Equipment Installation Costs

A professional plumber in Toronto will charge you approximately $300 for laundry washer installation services and the same amount for fixing your dryer. However, your installer can charge $600 and above for extensive plumbing and electrical connections.

3. Sinks Installation Costs

Plumbing services in Toronto for wall-mounted hand sinks with cabinets installation cost approximately $745 for houses and $850 for apartments. But if you install a floor-mounted hand sink, you may pay your plumber close to $375. Fixing kitchen sinks costs between $395 and $495. Sink installation in Condos costs more than that in homes.

4. Bathtub/Shower Installation

The final amount you pay your plumber depends on factors such as pipes, fixtures, and the time spent to complete your bathroom project.


For $999, an expert at our Cheap Plumber company experts will ensure that your bathtub works efficiently for a long time and the design boosts your home’s curb appeal.


Toronto plumbers charge an average of $350 and $400 for shower liner 5’x5′ installation in not Condo and Condo, respectively. The price of installing shower jets is $180 each.

5. Kitchen Installations Average Costs

When fitting your kitchen appliances, our plumbing services in Toronto will charge extra for electrical connections.


A professional dishwasher installer in Toronto typically charges about $350 for a house and $400 for Condos. Homeowners pay extra by about $40 for first time-time washer installation jobs.

Ice Maker Lines For Fridge

Toronto plumbers typically charge between $300-$420 for fitting an ice maker connector and supply line for your refrigerator and water dispenser.

P-trap Replacement in Toronto

A cheap plumber near you will charge P-trap replacement services between 250-$300. Your plumber’s labor price depends on the type of U-shaped pipe. For example, brass P-traps cost more to replace than ABS U-traps.

6. Toilet Repairs and Installation Costs

The price you pay for plumbing services in Toronto for toilet-related issues and fitting includes the following:

  • 2pc toilet installation starts from $180 to $350 for houses and $300 for apartments. In Toronto, many homeowners spend about $220. But you will pay a plumber’s service fee of $270 and $300 for fitting skirted toilets in non-Condo and Condos, respectively.
  • Toilet tank repair average costs start from $230, not Condo, and $250 Condo.
  • At a Cheap Plumber Toronto company, our experts charge $450-$1200 for seat bidet installation at your house. Homeowners can pay extra for electrical connection services.


When your residential plumbing system develops an issue, you want a plumber who can fix it quickly and correctly the first time. The experts at our Cheap Plumber Toronto company provide stellar plumbing services at an affordable cost per specific service. Whether you have a big or small plumbing project, you will find a team of specialists here to provide a long-lasting solution.