4 Fun-Filled Snow Day Activities To Enjoy With Your Family

If you live somewhere with cold winters, you may have mixed feelings about snowy days. Although snowfall can undoubtedly be beautiful to watch, long and cloudy winter months can quickly become dreary. For this reason, it is necessary to find fun ways to enjoy snow days.

When the roof snow load calculator indicates that there is no end to winter in sight, it is time to put your thinking cap on. Before getting frustrated because you need to clear the driveway (again), consider trying some of these snow day activities with your family to make the most out of the cold weather.

  1. Go on a Wintertime Scavenger Hunt

With so much to see and do outside when the snow starts to fall, one great idea to try with the kids is putting together a wintertime scavenger hunt. To do this, think about the various sights that someone might see outdoors around you on a snowy day. After brainstorming, make a list of 15-20 items, and give it to your kids. Then, offer some kind of little prize for those who complete it.

  1. Have a Family Baking or Cooking Day

If staying inside sounds more pleasant, no one is judging. When you just want to stay warm during a snowstorm, another joyful place to explore is your kitchen. Depending on your preferences and ingredients, you can choose to have a family baing or cooking day. For many children, some of the greatest memories come from times when they have made cookies or other treats with their parents and siblings. Why not make a snow day tradition out of it?

  1. Build a Blanket Fort

For smaller children, another easy way to entertain them when it is snowy out is by gathering up numerous blankets and creating a fort in the middle of your living room or bedroom. With the use of chairs, sheets and blankets, there are many directions you can take with this idea. To make your fort complete, add a couple of books and light.

  1. Paint Snowballs

For a creative and unique snow day activity, you can also keep your children busy with a snowball painting art project. Although it might sound a little strange if you have never tried it, snow painting is quite simple. First, mix water and food coloring together and pour the combination into a spray bottle. Then, use the white snow as a canvas. If you build a snowman, you can really add some jazz to his attire with paint.

Although snow days can be gloomy, they do not have to be. Use this list to inspire more wintertime fun in your home.