Tips for removing the popcorn ceiling on your own

The popcorn ceilings have been in trend since the 1960s and they were largely used to create a look for the ceiling that would make it appear trendy. The texture was added to the ceiling so that it could hide all the imperfections behind it and the ceiling would not require any paint job once the texture has been applied. But with time. people realized that this ceiling is quite hard to clean and maintain and it might not be the best solution at all. So they stopped having it for their homes and offices. But as this ceiling ages, sometimes, the chunks of it start falling and the worst part is the dust and dirt that accumulates in it and it becomes almost impossible to clean it.

This is the reason why all those homes that have this popcorn ceiling in Phoenix Arizona, are looking forward to getting it removed and having a clean and clean ceiling for them. the professionals can deliver the best results in this field but if you want to do it on your own, you can get good results. Here we have got the list of tips ready for you that you will require for the removal of the popcorn ceiling.

  • The first thing to do is to prepare yourself for the job. For this wear the clothes that you can discard later as they would be in no good shape after the project is completed. Wear the goggles to save your eyes from the mess falling from the ceiling while you clean. Choose strong shoes and it would be better if you use some work boots.
  • Now prepare all the gear required for the cleaning of the ceiling. For this, gather the garden sprayer, a scraper with a long handle, a scrapping knife, a sander, paint, and roller. Put all these things together and then move on to the next step.
  • Spray water onto the popcorn ceiling and let it stay a little so that it all softens up. Now use the scrapper and the knife and carefully start removing the ceiling. Make sure to go in only one direction and keep it going smoothly.
  • Once the popcorn texture has been removed completely, use a sander to sand the ceiling and then use roller and paint to give a final and beautiful touch to it.